What is a manifestation, its value and importance in every day of our lives?

I noticed that not all of you have understood what a manifestation is and as a result you have not realized its importance and value for everyone.Dive deeper into Manifestation with the help of Manifestation Magic

I will start with the fact that absolutely “Everything”, as on Earth as it is in the Universe, consists of energy. By tuning ourselves to the necessary vibration of energies, by introducing ourselves into the state of unconditional love, by transferring our brains to at least theta – delta – gamma level (the alpha level is not sufficient), we become true wizards.

We do not just program our new, happy life, we create it and live in our feelings. No time, no space for our brain and soul. They don’t distinguish between the quantum world and the physical world, and that’s all magic and Divine magic.

Of course you don’t have to program your life. To live as you wish or as you have to, to live as many people now write in the “stream” and wait for where this “stream” will lead us.

Let me ask you, then, why do you need a brain and a soul?

Even with infinite faith in God and boundless trust in Him, each of us has our own goals and tasks, with which God sent to Earth to translate them into real reality.

It is our business to remember all our Divine plan, which we ourselves have written before incarnation on the Earth, to return to ourselves all wisdom of the Soul and the Soul itself in the body in the end, and to turn everything into reality with dignity.

Or do you believe that God will remind you every morning what to do?

God is gracious and He sends us every day the opportunities that we choose, gives us energy to realize them, blesses us, fills us with unconditional Love and watches us realize everything, that is, act.

As a true father, he gives us the freedom of choice and will and does not offer us the freedom to go with the flow without knowing where we are going or why we are going.

I think everybody knows what’s going downstream on its own?

It’s for people who are weak in spirit.

You and me, people of the New Sixth Race, spiritually and physically, embodied on Earth.

We are the Creators of New Life, who do not apply 4% of their brains, do not live on 4% of their DNA, but strive to live on 100% – 200% of their abilities and this is the Real!

We can tune in to any situation we need and its favorable solution for us, and this – will come true.

What do we do with you when we prescribe our goals and objectives?

We – program our future!

Now, let’s add a focused prayer to God and the magic is ready to begin, but we take more: we observe images, pictures in our quantum reality, feel the joy that God, right now has shown it materially in our life on Earth.

Our brain and soul take it as a call to action and begin to help, assist and lead us to the goal in the shortest possible way, for our highest good and the highest good of all who are connected with it.

How often should we conduct a manifestation of abundance?

Every day, at least 10 minutes. This means that we keep our focus on achieving our goals.

Even when I’m resting, Atohor tells me: “Darling! Keep your focus on your goals. Let’s do it a little bit!”

I immediately reinforce the Gates of Ascension, activate the Alpha and Omega energies, and set out on a journey through my goals and objectives, realizing that the density, strength, power, and quality of the quantum body of the Light of My Desires is growing every day, the joy and awareness that this is already, right now, manifested in my life, instantly brings me closer to materializing my goals.

What could be better than to manage your life?

To stand at the helm of your ship, called “Life”, under the sails filled with unconditional Love, to fly easily and easily towards the intended goal, constantly feeling your Angelic, Archangelic wings behind your back, feeling the support and approval of God and of the entire Light Family?

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