What to do when your Boyfriend ignores you?

When a relationship becomes deadlocked and not as romantic as it used to be, many women wonder how to make a man jealous and raise the degree of the relationship to the same level?

What to do when your Boyfriend ignores you


Psychologists say that the relationship is useful for emotional relief, the outburst of emotions. So women begins to look for solutions as to why her boyfriend is ignoring her.

So what to do when your boyfriend ignores you ? Here  are few things to try .

1.Make him jealous

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If you decide to make your man jealous, then be careful. In this situation, it is very easy to cross the line and get carried away. When this happens, and you go very far, then your relationship will be in discord, and you will be alone with your problems.

Not all men are allowed to be jealous. It’s only useful in these cases:

– A long-term relationship, and you expect a man to make some kind of decision. In that case, jealousy will spur the man and he’ll be afraid of losing you.

– If you suspect treason. Unfortunately, most men resort to cheating. It’s just necessary for a man to become jealous of you. It will bring a new spark to your relationship. Jealousy is one of the best ways to do that.

– If your feelings for each other have faded because of everyday life. Here you can already think about how to make your husband jealous and afraid to lose. But remember that only a little jealousy can take your relationship to the next level. Too much will only irritate a man.

So, you’ve decided to take that step. Now all you have to do is consider counseling on how to make a guy jealous and afraid of losing.
A man is jealous not when he loves, but when he wants to be .

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Your husband or boyfriend is used to you picking up the phone after the first call or answering the message right away. Skip a few calls, or don’t answer the messages at once. And then just say you’ve been busy. But then again: don’t bend over! Otherwise you will not cause jealousy, and fear for you and for what happened to you.


3.Love yourself.


The time has passed when sacrifice for the man you love was in fashion. Not every man is happy when he sees his tired wife in an old robe at home. On the contrary, the more you take over the whole life, the more he gets away. If you do not know how to make a guy jealous and afraid to lose, then love yourself and be beautiful is always the most reliable way. Yeah, it’s not always easy and convenient. But we’re not talking about wearing high heels and long dresses every day. Start with a simple – buy a beautiful silk robe and new underwear. Always admire your reflection in the mirror, go to manicure, styling. Always ask your husband or boyfriend how you look. Let him understand that such a beautiful and confident woman he does not want to lose.

4.Flirt and play.

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Men like to think they’re hunters. That makes some sense. So take him out to this game. Where the main victim of his prey will be you. Flirt in front of him with other men, talk about them, marvel at their achievements. In that case, the most indifferent husband or guy will get jealous. He’ll see you from the other side, and then he’ll be surely afraid of losing you. And on the other hand, if your man is “hitting on” other girls, do not pay attention. It’ll give him something to think about.


While you pamper and nurture your man daily, remember the last time you read a book. Self-development is something to pay attention to. Make sure you’re passionate about something other than your man. When you start to understand a lot of things, it will be interesting to have a conversation with you. Then your husband or boyfriend will definitely be afraid to lose you. Because he’ll know you’re an interesting woman!


Suddenly come home with a big bouquet of flowers. Don’t tell him who it’s from, even if you bought it yourself. Smile mysteriously, find the most beautiful and largest vase. The man will immediately begin to displace the opponent, even if he is not really there. He will begin to pay attention to you immediately, and this is exactly what you need. Do not stop at the flowers. Spend all the time on the phone, pretending that someone is writing to you, and do not forget to smile. When you watch the film together, appreciate the virtues of the actor, it will hurt the ego of a man. It is worth repeating: do not bend over! Everything should be in moderation.

7.Lets Play a Game !!.


Pay special attention to your chosen one, to the fact that on it communication does not end – you can communicate with other guys. If they are not, ask your colleagues or friends to play along. Your chosen one will understand that you communicate with someone else, and that you are interesting to other men. So, he will start even more strongly to be afraid to lose you.