Whatsapp Love messages for my boyfriend

If you are a super detail-oriented bride, you have found the ideal place to continue surprising your beloved with beautiful details that will brighten up his day. Here you will find original messages of love so that he knows how much he means to you.

A nice phrase will disconnect him for a second from the routine and make him think of you, motivated to finish his daily tasks with the best attitude. It is no longer necessary to search so much on the web, here you will find a compendium of the best phrases to dedicate.

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From compliments, funny texts that remember moments lived, to beautiful poems we offer you to express to that special being all your love, inspired by words that fit the instant in which both are.

If you want “the beautiful messages of love for my boyfriend”, you can also make a selection of the phrases that you like the most and write your own message, with that touch that characterizes you when you find the inspiration to express all your tenderness and love.

Sending your boyfriend a love message is very simple, you can do it via Whatsapp, if he has a smartphone or even dedicate a postcard to him via email, Instagram or Facebook, depending on his lifestyle.

You can add hearts, flowers, stuffed animals, landscape and prairie backgrounds to adorn your message and make it visually more appealing to him. A nice intention always counts to make your boyfriend or husband feel good, because he is the love of your life and it is not superfluous to remind him of it from time to time so that you know that you have him present in your daily life.

And is that here you will find messages for all tastes, because betting on love, we are creative and we adapt to you, whether you consider yourself tender, passionate or loving, what counts is that you show that selfless feeling that led you to undertake a life with him.

You can walk through the different categories, from the most charming phrases you can dedicate to your boyfriend telling him how much you love him and miss him, to words full of tenderness, poems for your husband, for your partner or simply to dedicate to the person you like and with whom you are starting to share.

If you are daring, with a simple and strong message you can make a confession to your beloved, explaining how much you love him and all the time you have been waiting for his arrival, thanking him for the fact that he has radically changed your life for the better, because now, everything has meaning.

Being in love is something unique, which makes your senses wake up and bring out the best in you. Logically, you will be in search of expressing what you feel in the best way, focused on channeling that illusion that makes your world more beautiful.

In your hands is to build a beautiful love story, keeping that spark that brought you together. You can achieve this by getting your beloved a smile every day to remind him how beautiful you are and why he looked at you, because your only goal from now on, should be to feel comfortable and happy.

Always maintain spontaneity with every detail. That’s what we always advise our girlfriends to do, so that they are natural and can figure out how to be unique and special. Once you have ready the message you want to dedicate to your beloved, wait for the right moment, so that it generates the desired impact.

Generally, the accelerated pace of life in today’s society prevents you from paying attention to these gestures that break with the routine and custom in relationships. Communicating what you feel should always be a priority, since you will be with your loved one throughout your life.

The well-being and comfort of your boyfriend, of course, should be on your agenda, so at the right time, go out to the ring to maintain the conquest, being yourself, timely. Considering that men’s way of being is different from that of us women, surely he won’t be expecting anything from you, so surprise him and make him reflect on the direction of the relationship, always with a lot of romanticism.

Thinking of sending love messages to your boyfriend is an alternative that can be accompanied by a letter, where you exalt all his virtues and qualities, all those aspects of his personality that you fall in love more and more every day, tell him that you admire him, that you are proud to be his girlfriend, make a personalized dedication to him, keep the illusion of each new dawn, it is no longer necessary to spend so much on expensive gifts when what counts is a simple gesture, full of sincerity and a lot of passion.

Wrap him up in your fantasy and dream world, you no longer need an exact date on the calendar to tell him how much you love him. Use the phrases that best suit you and your fiancé’s personality, texts that are not so far-fetched and that sum up that whirlwind of beautiful emotions that fill your heart.

If you don’t want to miss out on his reaction, it’s also valid to whisper a message of love to your fiancé in person during an intimate moment, or during lunch or a romantic dinner, which is special for him. You will see how happy he is and you will motivate him to maintain the continuity of the details with you as well. It doesn’t matter if they have been in a relationship for 10 years, 5 years, or 1 year, remember that you must conquer your partner every day, as if it were the first time, feeding love daily with gestures so that their relationship remains in harmony.

On our website we have the best compendium of love messages that you can dedicate to your boyfriend, long texts that you can send him capturing everything you feel, as well as specific messages to say good night, so that you are the last person who thinks about before going to sleep and the first one that comes to his mind when he wakes up.

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Whatsapp Long love messages for my boyfriend

Long dedications allow you to give free rein to your imagination, with no limits to express your feelings. Starting with a nice sentence, you can adjust everything you feel to your reality, without fear of running out of space. Write something nice for your boyfriend, it’s a fantastic idea that you can’t leave out.

Under this category, we can present you with the following alternatives, which will surely leave your boyfriend in shock, so you’ll see how he melts at your feet:

-Love of my life, every day I wake up to watch the sunrise, thinking about what would have become of me if I hadn’t met you. Probably, my life would be simple and I wouldn’t have that spark that makes me wake up with the illusion of seeing you and hugging you. By your side I am very happy, you bring out the best in me and you have supported me to move forward in my dreams, just for that, I have no more than to tell you that I love you and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you.

-Our destinies crossed and my life with you has taken a radical turn. The days go by and I feel more and more in love with you, you are what I had always hoped for, you have everything and it makes me very happy to be able to share my life with you.

-Imagining a life without you is not possible. You have been the engine of my existence, that special being that drives me to be better every day, I would give anything to see you always smiling, I love you for being the way you are, for always driving me forward and supporting me in all my projects.

-When you feel sad, feel the rays of the sun warming your cheeks and imagine that I am in front of you filling you with a lot of love, accompanied by kisses and caresses. I miss you and every day you make me fall more in love, my life would not be the same without you and I accept you with all your imperfections because you are the ideal person for me, who complements me despite having a grey day.

-Your voice melts and shakes me, because my heart beats a thousand miles an hour every time you are near me. Thank you for being in my life and making every moment a different shade of color that makes me smile and enjoy this experience with you to the fullest.

-I fell in love not only with your beauty, but with your soul and that is something irreparable. I feel connected to you and I have no choice but to love you forever, I am all yours and my only breath is knowing that every day when I wake up a kiss from you will fill me with energy to face the barriers of tomorrow.

-For better or worse, I will always be there to support you with my love and give you the strength you need. I love you and for you I feel what I never imagined I would feel for someone, we are living our best story and we will go forward every day, as we have always done.

-From the first moment I saw you, I knew my life wouldn’t be the same. That tickle in my stomach led me to love you more every day, to tremble with a look and to know you, dedicating my days to live this beautiful love story, I love you very much my beautiful, thank you for teaching me the meaning of love.

-I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you, without definitions, without labels. Let’s live ours, each in his own way, but I love you and what matters is that we will always be together, supporting each other to live each day to the fullest.

Whatsapp Messages of love for my boyfriend wishing good night

At the end of the day, it’s the best time to tell your boyfriend how much you love him. In that instant, where he is just looking to relax and release the pressures of the day, you can bring a smile to his face so he can have sweet dreams. The following messages may be an option for you to adapt and tell him how much you love him:

-Tomorrow will be another day, but I will wake up with the firm conviction that I love you and that a bright future awaits us, filled with happiness and beautiful moments, those that make our skin crawl and remind us that we are alive, sweet dreams my love.

-Another day has come and all that remains is for me to tell you that I love you. Dream with me, thinking that I will sleep embracing you in the distance, remembering your warmth and waiting anxiously for our souls to melt into a kiss again. Nice night.

-The night has come and under this starry sky I want you to know that I love you very much my life, you are the best thing that has happened to me in such a short time and I am ready for anything, as long as I stay by your side and I wake up every day with you.

-For me you were always a dream, but I look around me and I realize that you are my whole reality, my world, my reason for being, sleeping with you is my favorite time, which ends my journey to feel peace, I love you, good night.

-If your nights are cold, I will tuck you in with a tender embrace, filling you with warmth so you can have nice dreams.

-Close your eyes and imagine that I am by your side, saying good night with a tender kiss. I count the days to see you and I will surely dream of you again today.

-I love you with all my soul and I wish you good night, may your dream be restorative.

-Tonight, I will share my dreams with you and you will feel how much I love you, when you open your eyes, when you are thinking of me.

-It has been a week, but my love for you grows and grows every day. You broke down my barriers and I want you to know that I love you too much, happy night.

-My heart jumps for joy knowing that I have you with me tonight, I love you, you are the love of life.

-Recover energy my love and remember that you took every day in my mind, because your kisses are still stamped on my skin. Sleep well, I’ll see you at dawn.