Where to start woodworking

From time to time I am asked how to start working with a Wood and what tools I would recommend.
I cannot give you recommendations about which brands of tools are better and which are worse. Most of my tools have not been selected on any particular principle. The brand I had already tested had a small advantage. The determinants were the price and appearance of the instruments. My instruments are not the best ones available, but they are good enough.If you are into woodworking and would like to know more about Woodworking, I recommend Ted’s woodworking which has complete guide to wood working


Where do you want to start?

But where do you start to process wood? What kind of machine tools do you need? My opinion is that woodworking should start with simple things, only then buy serious equipment.
It’s not a rule, it’s more of a tip. I think it is better to buy some hand tools and start woodworking with them. After a while you will gain experience with these tools and you will understand which tools will be needed in the future. This sequence will save you the cost of buying a workshop and many tools if you change your mind about woodworking.

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For starters, you will need: a hammer, different screwdrivers, nails, a few chisels, a hacksaw, an angle, a worktable, a few clips or clamp.

The first and most necessary tools are a drill and an electric jigsaw. These tools are used everywhere, not only in woodworking. With them you will not be able to make really good furniture, but they will be enough for some things.

There are many kinds of tools and a great variety of prices for them. The sellers will offer you quality tools that will serve you throughout your life. But the price of ordinary tools can be an order of magnitude lower than not much higher quality and branded tools. I advise you to buy inexpensive tools first, and use them until they break down. As soon as they break down, it’s time to think about buying something more rocky. But if you are not a professional who uses tools every day, then an inexpensive tool is likely to last a long time.

The next tool you need is a circular saw, sawing it much faster than with a manual hacksaw and sawing is much smoother. This is a very handy tool for cutting plywood, even if you already have a table circular saw. You have enough tools to make this table or rack.

You should try making a desk with your own hands This will serve you well as a good practice Build a Workplace – you can see here.
With the tools above you can already do some basic projects:

Machine tool information

You can have a lot of manual power tools, but after the above mentioned it’s time to think about buying a few machines.
The most used stationary machines are the drilling machine and the circular saw. For a long time I had an old and cheap saw and a very small drilling machine, but I did my best. It is better to have a cheap drill machine than to have no one, so use what you have.

That’s not what I can say about a desktop circular saw. The cheapest desktop saws, which cost less than $200, are usually of very poor quality and will never give you the chance to make a clean and even cut. Good table circular saws are much better, but they also cost more than cutting machines. The cutting saw is a kind of desktop circular saw with an open motor at the back. They can be made of cast iron and have good value for money. Hybrid table saws are also gaining popularity. They are built as cutting saws, but with a closed motor, like mahogany saws. On the left you can see my first saw from 40 years ago, which I closed on top to keep the sawdust inside. Now, I’m using a hybrid desktop saw.

To get an even cut on a tabletop saw, you need a quality cutting blade. On a machine with a good quality cutting wheel you can get a saw surface that requires virtually no further processing.

With these tools and a band saw, I made this. As you can see, I have to work with a lot of tools.

Also a good machine is a band saw, do not be afraid to use it. Of course, a band saw can cut off your fingers, but it is unlikely. I hurt my thumb with a band saw when I was a kid, but I removed it in time and the saw didn’t hurt my thumb too much, so I didn’t even have to bandage it. If a table saw scares you, then you can use a band saw to start with.

Also, a band saw is very handy. It makes cuts cleaner than a hacksaw. This is one of the biggest advantages of band saws. I always choose this band saw to make clean and fast cuts. It is good for cutting long parts. In fact, I bought my band saw before the table saw. I saw it at a woodworking exhibition, I liked it very much in my work, and I decided to buy it. That was before I made mine.

Let’s look at the following electrical appliances. You’ll need a belt sander, it’s a very necessary thing. Most carpenters have many grinders. In some cases, one type of grinder is convenient, in other cases, another type.

Many specialists would recommend having a cutting machine, but I always use a cutting skid for this. Cutting machines do not have enough rigidity to make a smooth and clean cut, so I am not a fan of them.

Your next purchase should be a lathe, which you will need to process the pieces to get them ready for gluing. I would recommend buying a lathe before woodworking planing, because you can do almost anything with a lathe. The planer is convenient for adjusting the part to the right size, but again you can do it with a circular table saw. If you need to cut wood more than double the maximum cut of a lathe, you can just as easily use the circular table saw.

Tools that I do not recommend to buy at an early stage

All of the tools that will be described below have their application, of course. Perhaps there will come a point when they will be really necessary. But if you are just beginning to work with a wood, I would recommend that you buy these tools last:

Cutting saw.

The shelves of stores are full of different kinds of cutting saws. But before you buy it, think about how often you will use it. Sometimes, of course, it is extremely necessary, but it is better to use a circular table saw. The complex design of the cut-off saw makes it unreliable to use. What’s more, the cut-off saw can’t make a clean cut, while a regular saw can easily do it for three times the price.

Using multitools

Be careful with machines that can be converted from one view to another. Multi-machine tools usually work well in one or two functions, while others are called into question. But the biggest problem is that in order to perform a certain action, you will need to remake the machine. And the cost of these machines is usually very high. You can buy several other, regular machines for the same price.

Ready-made workstation.

If you want to start working with a wood, the first thing you need to do is to take up your own workstation. It’s not very difficult. Setting up your workstation is the first step in carpentry work. If you don’t make it through this stage, then think, do you really want to work with wood? You may just want to cut out the silhouettes of plywood animals with a jigsaw, but it’s hard to call it carpentry.

A nail gun.

Furniture should not use many nails, if it is necessary to use nails, they can always be hammered. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If all you have is a hammer, then any problem looks like a nail”. Now, if you have a construction gun… what’s next?

An angling machine.

The goniometer has a beautiful appearance, with colored parts of anodized aluminum and copper buttons. But is it really what you need? Do you really think a brand-name goniometer made of sheet steel is less trustworthy than a solid cast aluminium goniometer? I can upset you because it’s far from that. Make yourself a good circular saw guide and you won’t need an angle meter. If you make a lot of 45 degree cuts, then make yourself a 45 degree circular saw guide.


The vane is good for cutting out various shapes and silhouettes, such as animals from wood, but in order to make furniture, it is simply unnecessary. Jigsaws, like Dremel tools, do have their own application in the craft and are small for serious woodworking. However, it is worth noting that your Dremel tool is needed to sharpen drills, chisels, and teeth on a band saw. Forstner drills, and various blades, so they are really needed for this function.


With the lathe you can make good candlesticks and many other things. If you need rotation products, a lathe is something you should spend money on. Some furniture projects require you to use a lathe. I am not discouraging you from buying this machine, but note that it is not as circumvented as a circular saw.

A pruning circular saw

This saw will allow you to make saws that are not so easy to make with a desktop circular saw if you need to cut whole sheets of plywood. But for the price of this saw, you can buy a desktop circular saw, which is more versatile and convenient. A pruning circular saw cannot replace a desktop saw.

What do we do next?

This section concludes my introduction for beginners. For more information, please follow the links in the article, it presents simple projects.
You can also watch my woodworking videos on YouTube to better understand the specifics of my work.

You may be interested in Woodworking for mere mortals YouTube channel, Ted’s Woodworking. Very interesting and useful channel for beginners. I really like watching Ted’s videos. Ted also has Woodworking for mere mortals blog.

Try it! Who knows what heights you can achieve in this business. You might have a workshop like this.Also Try woodworking easy plans here