You can use the Law of Universal Attraction with very specific objectives

* Many people think that there is a conflict between the Law of Attraction as taught in the film “The Secret” and setting goals
And you, what do you attract!?

The belief that you should let the universe decide how it will bring you your goal seems to conflict with planning your goal strategy. Yet, these two approaches are actually compatible.

Let me enlighten you…

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In fact, there are 2 choices available to you in your process of applying the Law of Attraction or Law of Attraction-Creation:
– Be specific and precise to get what you want (e.g. the car of your dreams, white, sunroof, a specific model…). We are often at this level in the field of HAVING and DOING. And it is excellent to practice this at the beginning of your Law of Attraction practice because the results will give you confidence and thus your future creations will be strengthened and accelerated and your certainty to get it too… Your “faith muscle” will be stronger!


– Entrust the Universe or God or “Life”… to bring you the best circumstances, encounters and events for you… You can also focus on a state of Being and let the Universe offer you the best circumstances to reach it. For we have only a small limited perception of the full range of possibilities available to us (Potential Futures)… So by using this 2nd approach, we save time and rely on the infinite wisdom of Life and not just our small human perception!

The Film ” The Secret ” :

A vast majority of people believe that it’s wrong to be too precise when defining objectives. After watching the film ” The Secret ” (by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian based on the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks even if it is not clearly indicated in the film) –

DVD The Secret from the book: The Secret which is wonderful and very informative (even if there are several keys missing that are essential to the realization of your wishes… discover these missing keys in our Free Courses on the Law of Attraction) some people have the false belief that being specific is a bad approach.

Many of the teachers in this movie guide you to what allows the universe to decide how you get what you want. So, if we follow this approach, how does setting a goal, with a complete plan for achieving it, fit into this process of attraction?

Those who have achieved a goal through traditional goal-setting methods are well aware that including specific details is a key to success. They are fully aware that being as precise as possible increases the likelihood of achieving their goal.

These characteristics should include a plan to be followed that will lead to the achievement of the objective, intermediate steps and very specific details of the objective itself.

For example, you can define the objective to have a turnover increase of €10,000 at the end of the quarter. Immediately, you develop a plan to increase sales and start building your intermediate goals by defining smaller goals that will lead to larger goals that will lead to the achievement of your desired end result.

So, how does this fit into the “the universe knows best” approach proposed by most experts in the Law of Universal Attraction? How it works!

Well, it’s really very simple. When these teachers talk about not getting bogged down in details, they are not talking about the goal itself. They’re referring to the method of delivery of the lens. The Law of Attraction always responds to your personal vibration. Your vibration depends on what you think and how you feel. If you become precise in your purpose and even in the setting of deadlines for specific tasks, then Law of Attraction responds to those thoughts and the feelings associated with them.

Stay focused on the details of your desire and the desired result, feel very positive emotions about its realization. This adds tremendous power to the workings of Law of Attraction for your desire. As long as you don’t have negative feelings about your goal, or the plan you have imagined, setting goals in this way can be very powerful.

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How could there be no doubt!? What is your objective?
Don’t fall into the trap of setting the bar too high!

If you set your goals too high, or if you make unrealistic goals, the Law of Attraction will work against you! In reality, the Law of Attraction only reflects what you emanate… Your worst enemy is you! by simple ignorance of the laws.

You will feel overwhelmed, doubtful, and stressed. The law will respond to that… and your gravitational pull will have the opposite effect to what you want. By asking too much of yourself, you will have negative thoughts and feelings and doubts about achieving your goal.

But by setting realistic goals, but asking you to go beyond them, you will be able to use the Law of Attraction to your full advantage.

It is you who sets the rules of the game then, especially in the early stages of learning how to use the powerful Law of Attraction, make sure that it is easy for you to win… for your modest achievements will be the ingredient that will give you confidence and strengthen your faith “muscle”!

Attract “Little by little,” just as you did when you learned to write. You didn’t start by writing a book! No, you learned the “A”! and then another letter… Be patient, you need to learn before you reach the deployment of your creative-attractive abilities and one day perhaps you will reach the Mastery of the Law of Attraction…

One of the key elements of the Law of Universal Attraction is that you always get more of what you focus on. Constantly focusing your attention on certain things makes them grow and develop. Here is an essential key to understanding how it works!

So think only about what you want and not about what you “lack”!!!

So, by defining goals and a plan to get there you are actually focusing your energy, thoughts and emotions on the goal you want. By having set deadlines for the achievement of each step of your goal and the goal itself, your thoughts, energy and feelings are also focused in that direction.

In this way, you are following one of the fundamental rules of the Law of Universal Attraction: what we focus our attention on increases.

However, do not get stuck on one channel. Be open to the fact that the universe is bringing your purpose to you in whatever way it sees fit! You can always be specific about your plan, but stay flexible and open to all opportunities…

The key is to always stay focused on the goal itself and not on the absence of it!

You must be careful not to become frustrated if it appears that you will not be able to achieve your goal within the time frame you have specified. These are the drawbacks of setting dated goals in ordinary methods… I advise you to free yourself from them.

Don’t set a date for the realization of your dream or goal .

To use the Universal Law of Attraction to your advantage, understand that you must free yourself from the notion of time and be patient so that you do not feel any pressure from that side and thus feel totally free and without “delay” to hold on. Goals with a completion date only create the stress of failure and doubt…

The teachings on success focus on the “doing” and therefore recommend that you set a deadline. But for the law of attraction which is broader, a good advice is to free yourself from this false concept. Simply trust the Law of Attraction that is already at work for you and be aware that the best path is not necessarily the shortest… so be patient because you will receive your “present” when you least expect it!

Before running you must learn to walk!
As a first step, set realistic goals that are easy to manage. Once you become proficient at achieving the goals, you can start asking yourself a little more each time. When you begin to see compelling evidence that the Law of Attraction exists and that it works to your advantage, your level of belief will increase and you will be able to set yourself higher and bigger goals until there is nothing you cannot achieve. You will then move on to the next phase.

You will then need to practice dreaming bigger so that you always have a bigger dream and exercise your mind to expand its vision and its ability to dream .

> For all that exists was Dreamed before it appeared ! <
When you are trying to reach a goal, remember to generate as many more positive thoughts and good feelings as you can, for they will add power to your efforts under the Law of Attraction, drawing you closer and closer to your goal every day.
And one fine day, when you least expect it, and therefore when you least offer resistance (doubts), you will be surprised to receive the “delivery”!